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Work at Home Mom’s Love Google Trends


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There are millions of “mommy” bloggers who are making an exciting income - without joining any type of “work from home” scams or slaving for hours on end at their computers. No, these moms are making money just by logging on to the Internet when the kids are at school or settled in for an afternoon nap. The moms, and dads too for that matter, who is making the most amount of money, in the fastest amount of time have stumbled onto a well-kept marketing secret. That secret is using the most searched for topics and cashing in on them in big ways. Google Trends is a free resource that helps them do that. 


Google Trends, obviously offered through Google, is a compilation of the most popular searched for topics. What is so important about these topics is they reflect what people are trying to find information about. When you know what people are looking for, that gives you the best idea of what types of products are going to sell the most. That is where the potential for making substantial amounts of money becomes possible. 


For example, parenting topics are always popular, but just selling a product about “parenting” is so broad and general that many marketers get lost in a huge sea of other parenting products. However, if you were able to find out that one of the hottest topics in parenting is “attachment parenting” then you may be on to something big. This follows through no matter what topic you hope to make money from. 


When you find the most searched for topics and know what type of products will help people learn more or solve a problem they have about that topic, you will be able to make a surprisingly large amount of money. This holds true for whatever topic you happen to be interested in selling products for whether it is business products, parenting products, health and beauty, dieting, dating or some other topic.  


When you use Google Trends to find out what the hottest topics are within those larger topics, you will narrow down to an area that people are going to want to learn more about. From that point you can create a product, such as an eBook, or sell someone else’s product through an affiliate agreement that will line up with the popular search.  


Finding the hot topic, matching it up to a product and creating a high quality blog post is one of the most effective ways to start creating an income from online sales. Of course marketing and advertising are necessary, but there are also many free or affordable methods you can use to get enough people coming to your site to spend their money. Then, you can have time to take care of the children or do whatever else you need to do and still make a nice income. 


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