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Why Learning iFrames

 is Important For Facebook


Marketing with Facebook  

If you are just getting started with Facebook Marketing, don't worry. You're not that far behind the curve. But you shouldn't stay absent from Facebook for long. The popularity of Facebook and Facebook marketing is increasing at an exponential rate as more and more people flock to the social giant. But if you are going to market your business on Facebook, you should be very familiar with iFrames. With iFrames, you can create a brand-specific landing page that creates whole new Facebook experience for your friends, fans and visitors. 

What Are iFrames? 

iFrames allows you to embed an external web page on your custom Facebook Business Page tab. You will actually host the new Facebook page on a non-Facebook server so you can include any functionality you want. You can use HTML, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, for instance. This allows you to create a separate webpage directly in Facebook, which provides a Facebook experience without requiring your profile visitors to leave Facebook.  

How iFrames Work With Facebook Marketing  

First, you will need to set up your iFrames page on your own server. Next, you need to head over to the Facebook Developers page and click Set Up New App. Then, you simply build out your page. You can choose your logo, the color scheme; you can add an opt-in box and all sorts of other features. Finally, you add the iFrame to your Facebook business page and you are all good to go.  

Then, the next visitors that click on your profile page are going to be in for a surprise. They will surely click through or opt-in when they are greeted with a fully customizable web page that looks and feels just like your own professional website. And yet those visitors get the best of both worlds, as they don't have to leave Facebook or lose Facebook's functionality. This is why learning iFrames is a must for Facebook marketing. 

Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness 

When you include a custom page on your Facebook business page that looks and acts just like your normal website (if you have one), your Facebook profile visitors will feel more familiar with you and they will recognize whose page they are on. If you keep your brand colors and logos and photos the same, you can build that brand familiarity and loyalty that causes people to convert to buying customers. 

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