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Why HubPages Is Better Than Your Self-Hosted Blog

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You have a lot to say about a particular subject and you want to blast your message to a wide audience. It sounds like a blog is in order. With a blog, you have to purchase a domain name and hosting account, you have to set up your blog on a content management system or build it from scratch and then you have to get to work building an audience with informative blog posts. So essentially you need money to begin a blog and it's going to take time to build a following just so that your blog will be read by a large audience.  

Wouldn't it be better to publish your content to a platform that is free and that will allow you to earn money with each piece you write? Welcome to HubPages, where you are rewarded for great content. 

Publishing to HubPages 

With HubPages, you don't need to buy a thing. You merely create a free hub profile and you can get to work creating content right there and then. If you have something to say, you can write hubs that include photos and videos and even ads so that you can bring in residual ad revenue. You don't need to learn a lick of code, there's no downloading anything and you'll already receive traffic because you'll be part of the HubPages social network. 

Your Own Blog 

Now let's look at what happens when you forgo HubPages and you turn to your own blog for publication of your content.  First of all, unless your blog is known by a lot of people your content isn't likely to get read or viewed. Gaining an audience for any blog takes time. With HubPages, you're already part of the social network so you'll probably experience readers and reviews on the very first day. 

With a blog, you also have to learn code. If you want ads on your blogs, you need to learn how to put ads on the sidebars and anywhere else you want them to go. With HubPages, you merely gather your ad code from the ad network you belong to, find the proper section in HubPages and enter the code where prompted. From that point forward, anytime you want ads displayed on your hubs you'll have the opportunity to earn money every time you publish a new one. 

While keeping a blog is always a good idea for any business that is looking to amass a large audience, HubPages should never be ignored. Not only can you build an audience, but it's a social network, it's easy to use and it's absolutely free. What's more, you can potentially earn money from every HubPages article you write. 


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