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When to Start Marketing Campaigns for the Big Holidays? 


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The simple answer to this question is to start as early as you possibly can. You should start every fiscal year or quarter by mapping out all the holiday related events your business will promote in the upcoming weeks. The holidays that you want to capitalize on most should be prioritized as such and you should start securing keywords and producing content as early as possible.


As you start strategizing your holiday-centered events and promotion it will become clearer to you when the best time is to


  1. Start promoting the promotional event and 
  2. Start the promotional event, pushing your holiday related products 


Knowing the right time to launch these promotions will be a bit of a trial and error thing to perfect. Every business is a tad different from the next so you will be the ultimate decider as the business operator and owner to decide for your specific business model and/or niche when you start your promotional events. You can, however, give yourself a roadmap by using any standard calendar app to mark and plan all these events in advance.


The worst position for you to be in at any point is to be unprepared. On your calendar app create hard and soft deadlines for your content and stock production. Same goes for the different event launches you have planned for the different holidays. On average a good business model promotes at least two promotional events every month. Centering them around the hundreds of different holidays we celebrate is just a way to become associated with the cultural values of your target demo.


If you are prepared with all your promotional material and all stocked up ahead of time then you can tweak the timing of your event according to market response. Using the many analytical tools available to webmasters you can analyze every holiday shopping pattern within your site to make the next one more successful. Remember, as a business your first promotional event will be a learning experience more than anything. Your second event will be your great success story and every event after that will become a routine swelling of profits.


It is also important that you remember to end your holiday event on time. Nothing says unprofessional and/or amateur more than a Labor Day sales that lasts till Halloween!


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