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What's So Great About HubPages? 

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As an Internet marketer, your goal is always to generate more attention and traffic for your brand/products/services. In order to accomplish this, you need targeted traffic that is interested in what you're offering. If you hope to make money from your venture, you need to find an audience that not only has an interest in your offer, but one that also has the money to pay for what you're offering. Once you've pinpointed the audience you hope to reach, you need an avenue with which to reach them.  

That's where HubPages comes in. With HubPages, you get… actually, here are ten reasons you'll want to choose this blogging, social network if you are an ambitious Internet marketer.  

Search Engine Friendly 

There's a rumor going around that HubPages was one of the platforms hit by Google Panda and Penguin updates. "Don't even bother," said one Internet commenter. The rumor is that HubPages along with EzineArticles and other platforms is dead. 

Well, guess what. HubPages isn't dead and Ezine isn't either. In fact, the Google updates helped these platforms clean up their act. Google will still rank your hub high on the list as long as the hub is of sound quality. The search engines always have a vested interest in providing great quality to search engine users. As long as your hubs inform, educate and entertain, you'll find HubPages success.  

Earn Revenue 

What does HubPages success mean, exactly? For some, it means creating article after article in order to build up massive backlinks for their product and/or service offers. For others, it means generating regular monthly revenue from Adsense and other ads. HubPages allows hub owners to place these ads on every article they publish. As long as readers click on your ads, you have the potential to earn residual income from work you only performed one time. That right there should be reason enough to choose HubPages over any other platform. 

Social Network 

Not only is HubPages perfect for publishing articles and gaining backlinks, but it's also a social network. This means that you can build a following, earn comments on each article you publish, and you can even respond to comments, bringing you that much closer to the audience you're attempting to earn your living from. If you nurture your HubPages audience correctly, you'll find success through more traffic and more overall revenue for your brand, products and/or services.  


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