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Video communication is an effective and increasingly popular way to reach your prospective customers.  The use of videos on the internet is an excellent way to present your product or services to your target market and it’s easier and more affordable than ever! 

Video are quick and easy to view, making them more attractive to the average web surfer than text alone.  In fact, the use of an effective video marketing campaign can generate more revenue and drive more traffic to your company.  The most important part of your video campaign is making sure your videos are easy to find and reaching the correct viewers.  Below are a few tips to help you optimize your videos or search engines. 

Optimizing Videos for Search Engines 

·          Use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your video is placed. Don’t just optimize for video search engines! 

·         Name your video accordingly. If your video is named “” the chances of it showing up in the SERPs is very unlikely. Instead give it an accurate name such as “” 

·         Use keywords in the video titles and also in their descriptions. Video search engines will find it much easier to index your video files and link back to your web pages is you incorporate keywords and phrases. 

·         Use anchor text when linking to the video from pages within your Web site. 

·         Make certain that the video files you upload have the proper file extension. 

·          Keep it short. You should be able to express in under 2 minutes what would normally take someone 10 minutes to read on paper. Take advantage of this! 

·         Create a separate video site map, and then submit it to both video and content search engines so that it is indexed within both kinds of search engines. 

·         Be sure to include RSS feeds with Metadata inserted. 

Promoting Your Videos 

The best places to host your videos are YouTube, Yahoo! Videos, or Google Videos.  The sites will host your videos for free and save you from having to max out the bandwidth on your site.  Be sure to share your videos!  If you really want to make a splash in your industry, then encourage your viewers to share and link to your videos.  Viral marketing videos are the best and fastest way to increase awareness about your company and drive more traffic to your virtual doors.  Be sure to include phrases such as “Tell A Friend” or “Visit Our Site” at the end of your video. 


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