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Video Marketing Tips to Help

 Seize Your Audience's Attention 


If you want to succeed in video marketing, you will need to learn how to create compelling videos that appeal to your audience. To do this, you should study the experts who came before you. The following tips should help you create compelling videos your prospects and customers always respond to. 

Keep Them Short 

Don't bore your audience to death, keep your message short, sweet and simple. Deliver your message and that's it. Your audience will appreciate you for it and you'll be more likely to get them to view your videos until the very end. 

Don't Just Read the Words  

Some video marketers choose to put words on the screen and just read along, hoping that the audience will follow accordingly. Actually, this causes people to tune out. Why read the screen when they can listen or vice versa? Instead, mix it up and force your audience to listen and watch at the same time. 

Learn From the Competition  

The best way to stay ahead of the game is to watch competitor videos, take away what works and use that information to make your video marketing pieces even better.  

Copy Tags  

Look at the tags your competitors are using to ramp up their video view counts. By using the same tags, you can hopefully attract some of those competing views to make your videos even popular.  

Don’t Play Favorites  

Do you only upload your video marketing pieces to YouTube? If so, you are seriously hindering your audience. Instead, post your videos to Vimeo and other video sharing sites to double or triple your exposure. 

Make Your Videos Useful  

The people watching your videos should get something from them. Whether it's the latest tips and tricks, updates or a lesson on the latest techniques, your audience should come away feeling as though they gained something from your videos. 

Share Often  

Once your videos are published to YouTube, Vimeo and other sharing sites, start publishing them on any social networks you may have joined. Your friends and followers will then share your videos with their friends and followers if you've done your job correctly. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are perfect for spreading the word about your new hard-hitting video marketing creations.  

Put these tips into action the next time you publish your video marketing pieces online and you'll garner more attention, make more sales and earn far more revenue than you ever did before. 


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