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Looking for new ways to promote your business or increase brand awareness?  Video marketing is the answer you have been looking for. 

What Is The Best Length? 

Today, people are constantly bombarded with information and as a result have short attention spans.  This means keep your videos short and simple!  Your video should be no longer than necessary to effectively express your idea or message.  As a rule of thumb, keep your videos under 2 minutes. The only exception to this rule is for demo videos or instructional videos that take longer to teach.   

Editing Your Videos 

When it comes to videos, technology is useful, but not a deal breaker.  What I’m saying is that you do not have to have expensive equipment and software, but of course a little technical know-how goes a long way.  You can produce many videos for free if you already have a webcam.  Focus on your content; as long as it is compelling your video quality doesn’t have to be top of the line. 

You can get started making videos with your webcam or even by using the video software on your smart phone.  The same holds true for editing, keep it simple.  You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on video editing software, just make sure your video gets your point across in an effective manner.  

Don’t go overboard with video bling!  It is not necessary to add a lot of special effects to your videos, in fact it can be distracting.  Try to keep your colors, animations, and special effects to a minimum, what you want your viewers to focus on is your message. 

Posting Your Videos 

The frequency you should post your videos depends greatly on your goals.  Be sure that you have a clear and specific marketing strategy in mind.  Be sure to identify your company’s goals, and the plan your videos so that they support them. Think strategically so that your videos are tied to your business objectives and marketing goals. 


Sometimes it’s best to let professionals handle your video marketing campaign.  Reaching out to a great promotional video company, ensures your message will be heard.  If you are looking to ‘go big’ with your campaign, you should definitely consider hiring a good sales video production company.  Sometimes a professional touch makes the difference between your videos going unnoticed and going viral.  Just be sure to do thorough research before choosing which company to work with. 


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