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Video marketing isn't difficult as long as you know exactly what to do. If you want to learn the ropes quickly without having to make mistakes along the way, you could do worse than follow the experts. When you take a few pages from the video marketing expert's handbook, you just might gain the ability to take your efforts above and beyond. The following tips not only come straight from the experts, but they're also the tactics the experts wish you'd never learn. 

Get Your Audience Involved  

If you want your videos to make a big impact, you might want to get your prospects and customers involved in the video marketing creation process. For example, you could ask your social network friends and followers to send in questions using video. Their videos can then be spliced into your video marketing creations. When you make your audience part of the creation process, they'll begin to look forward to your new videos and you'll see your efforts working. 

Be Controversial  

Don't just do what everyone else is doing. Instead, do the opposite, the exact opposite. If you can manage to create a little controversy with your videos, you'll get far more attention than someone who is playing it straight. Just be careful, as controversy can backfire if you're not careful. If you know your audience, you'll be less likely to create a video marketing blunder that you can't recover from. 

Outsource If Necessary  

Nobody said that you have to be an expert at everything. Even the experts outsource their video marketing efforts. Whether it's animation, video editing or publishing the videos to various video sharing sites, hiring someone else to do the dirty work or the work you can't do yourself is a great way to get ahead when you have limited skills and abilities.  

Quality over Quantity  

The experts want you to believe that it's all about quantity. The more videos you publish, the more attention you'll get, right? Wrong. The experts know that good video marketing is all about quality videos. Even if you only have three created, the better they are, the better you'll do. 

Be Mindful Of Mobile Customers  

Your audience will be watching your videos on a wide variety of screen sizes. You will have those that will watch on the regular monitor screen, but then there are those that will watch your videos on their mobile phones and tablet computers. Make sure your videos, all text and other elements can be seen clearly, even on tiny screens. 

The experts don't want you to know about these tactics, but put them to use and you'll go far with all of your video marketing efforts. 


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