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Video marketing is the hottest trend in Internet advertising!  If you spend any time at all on the Internet you are sure to have seen tons of advertising videos telling you about products, services, or even showing you, how to do something with an online tutorial series. This new ability to show off products and staff members is extremely effective in establishing trust and rapport with existing and prospective customers. 

In fact, videos are the most often searched media for information, and this will only continue to grow in popularity as the years go by.  Technological improvements have made watching and producing videos easier and more affordable than ever.  If you think launching a video marketing campaign is too expensive or complicated for your business, think again! 

Outsourcing is the answer to your prayers.  For a small fee, you can have a representative, dedicated to your company’s success, take your business to the next level.  They can produce, edit, and even market your videos all with minimal effort from you.  By targeting traffic from all over the world, you can even create a global presence. What better way to reach thousands of potential customers and teach them about your company? Furthermore, video marketing can be done very quickly.  

Video marketing companies have all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure your business stands out from the crowd with entertaining and educational videos that build trust and prove you are an authority in your industry. 

Did you know that Google searches now include videos on the main search results page? In fact, you can even play the video without ever leaving Google!  Videos have never been easier to shoot, edit, upload and optimize than they are today.  Not to mention that the right video can convert to sales much faster than a typical web page and four times as fast as text alone.  And with today’s advancements with software, videos are way more affordable than full color printed ads or brochures.   

The power of video marketing is undeniable and only getting stronger!  Don’t get left behind just because you think video production is complicated or expensive.  Your competition is most likely using this marketing method already.  With outsourcing prices getting more affordable everyday, there is simply no excuse for missing out on this huge opportunity to reach your target audience and showcase your products and services.  Don’t just tell prospective customers about your company show them!   


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