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Using Google Ripples Is Changing The Way Marketers Track Their Content


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Tracking your content in the past used to be a long and difficult process. Hoping to see shares, asking people to click on likes and then doing Google searches, could have a marketer spending hours tracking a single piece of content. Will there some pretty amazing news if you're creating content using Google plus. Google has some pretty amazing analytic tools. One of the best ones is called Ripples. The concept was to create a tracking tool that was just like someone throwing stones in a still pond of water and watching the ripples that emerge.  


This fantastic tool allows you to see exactly what is going on with the content that you create. Ripples will give you a visualization tool that allows you to see exactly what happens to all of your content that is shared through Google plus. This is a very inventive way to keep up with posts in your business. Quickly find out who is helping you promote your information and posts that you send out through Google. 


If you have used Google plus then you may have noticed that some of your posts are already being shared and +1. The ripples tool gives you a visual image of where your post went out to on the Internet. If you are a business trying to market your information this tool is critical for you to use. You will be able to see HOW your post was shared publicly and how many people shared it and WHERE it is going.  This will also allow you to write and target people through your posts to a specific niche and further enhance the effectiveness of your content by further micro targeting the people that are receiving this information. 


This is really a marketers dream come true; being able to watch your content as it progresses through the Internet and then target the notes of where it is appearing is a truly amazing process that perhaps only Google could have mastered. Now you no longer need to guess where your content is ending up, and you'll be able to also encourage people that are sharing your content the most and specifically where you need to advertise to maximize the effectiveness of all of your campaigns. 


This is just another great reason for checking out Google plus and utilizing their tools. Take a moment and become familiar with this truly amazing tool and maximize the effectiveness of all of your content with a few easy clicks.  If you would like to learn more about Google plus and improve your business on the Internet please click this link: 


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