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Using Contests for List Building 


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If you are seeking a new way to entice people into joining your subscription list, you should consider using a contest.  Not only are these contest usually fun, they are also a great method for list building and require little effort.  Basically, in order for people to participate in the contest and have a chance to win a valuable prize, they need to sign up for your newsletter.  In fact, if your offer is enticing enough, they will even tell their friends about it so they can sign up to win too!  So how do you ensure that your new subscribers are from your target offers and not just out to win a free prize?


Select Your Prize Accordingly 


Start by making sure that your contest prize appeals to your audience.  By carefully avoiding prizes that anyone would want you can eliminate a lot of the freebie seekers.  For example, if you offer a free iPhone, everyone will flood your sign up box.  But will all of them be interested in your teeth-whitening product? No!  Instead, offer a prize that specifically applies to your target audience such as a free gift certificate for your teeth whitening products or services.  By offering your own products as prizes, you can be sure that everyone who signs up is interested in your products.  After all, why would they enter to win something they don’t want? 


Establish Your Contest Criteria 


While you may be tempted to just hold a random drawing contest, you should consider the additional benefits you get from actually making your prospects put forth a little effort.  For example, you could make the contest criteria a 1-page essay on how X-brand Tooth Whitener stands out among the competition. Not only will this cause your prospects to do research and learn about your product, you will eliminate most of the people who are simply seeking something for nothing.  And the best of all?  They will actually be writing an essay that proves the benefits of buying your product over all others, and will be more willing to purchase it in the future!


Place Your Contest Campaign in Selected Locations 


If you want to further target your audience, then only advertise your contest on niche specific websites, forums and blogs.  This is where your target audience is actively seeking solutions to their teeth whitening needs, and you have the additional benefit of piggybacking off of existing SEO.


For Optimum List Building Give Something for Everyone 


While you can probably only offer one grand prize, you can also offer several smaller prizes to others- and by others I mean everyone.  If you want your new list of subscribers to convert as quickly as possible, then make sure you give something of value to all entries.  You can tell them that they were the ‘second place winner’ and offer them your product at a reduced price.  Make sure it is reduced enough to call them to action, and also be sure to place a time limit on the offer.


To learn more about list building contests or other list building tips, visit {product_name}.


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