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Understand How Businesses Select Domain Names to Increase Your Chances of Success


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The key to success for any business is to understand their target market and this is even more critical for anyone focusing on domain speculation. Selling domain names profitably really is a matter of picking the right domains and the easiest way to do that is to gain a good understanding of your target market. So, that means you need to understand how businesses think when it comes to domains if you want to increase your chances of selecting domain names that will sell.


Generic Names vs Brand Names 


While some small businesses may opt solely for a domain with their brand name, many will choose to go with a generic product name, especially if they aren’t well-known. So, this gives you many opportunities to make a profit, as you can purchase domain names that are generic as well as branded. A company that already has a generic domain will likely be interested in purchasing a domain that is branded with their name if you offer it to them. However, you must be careful when picking up branded domains as you don’t want to infringe on a company’s trademark.


Consider Domain Variants 


It’s a healthy strategy for any business to purchase domain names that are variants of their brand, especially if people have a tendency to misspell their business name. While this will take some research on your part, it can be a lucrative strategy, especially if you are able to explain why it is essential for them to own all the variant domain names. After all, they wouldn’t want to send traffic to a competitor’s site, would they?




While companies who do most of their business online will likely focus on top level domain names, regardless of where they are based, many of them will also be interested in purchasing a domain based in their country. For example, a German company selling goods online will likely have a .com domain if they ship internationally. However, they will also probably be quite interested in purchasing the local .de domain, which will help them gain more local traffic.


Understanding how different domain names can impact a business is essential if you want to succeed as a domain speculator. Not only will you be able to pick domains that will sell more easily but you will also find you make more money because you will be in the position of showing your potential clients why the domain you are offering them is so valuable.


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