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Two Common Mistakes Most Affiliate Marketing Beginners Make

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In this article, I'm going to share two common mistakes beginners make taking action to reach their goals.  


This is not an attack on beginners or you if you are one yourself. 


In fact, I'm giving you a lot of credit for taking action where many do nothing but read, and study doing nothing. At least with you if you're in similar situations we can adjust the path your own to get you back on course and working towards your goal. 


Let's start with mistake number #1: 


"I have FIVE websites and none of them are making me any money!" 


If multi-tasking is your idea of getting stuff down, you're in the wrong business. Take a hard look at WHY you're not making any money. Is it maybe because you're spreading yourself too thin?  


In my experience, I've never had success getting more than one website to work for me at a time, especially if I've yet to get the "1st" website making money before the "2nd" one.  If you put the cart before the horse, it’ll cause one big headache.  “I'm not making any money online in the Internet marketing niche seems like a dead end" 


I, and other beginners were caught in this trap, too. And the trap is this: The best way to make money online is to sell how to make money online products and services, is this is the 2nd mistake. 


Sounds like a plan to me. But, there's only one problem. Many of the most successful internet marketing niche marketers are or were successful marketers in OTHER profitable niches FIRST like pet grooming, health and dieting, gardening, cooking, and so on. Before they were qualified to teach other marketers how it's done. 


It's rare to find someone who is successful in the Internet marketing niche before having success in other niches for one principle reason: You learn how to market as an affiliate promoting other peoples products in different niches outside the obvious way to do it. 


It's not that the Internet marketing niche is impossible; it's just incredibly difficult to make money in if you’re new. So, when you focus on lesser-known niches that aren't as easy a target as the IM niche, you're setting yourself up for success. 


In other words, it's hard to teach someone how to make money when you don't know how to do it yourself, because a large portion of your sales comes from your message, your confidence, and your actual ability to market almost anything online, which comes from successful experiences making money in other niches. 


There are many more mistakes beginners make, but these are two of the biggest ones I know that I hope will stop you from making the same ones.  


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