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Marketing online requires a well thought of strategy especially since there are so many competitions out there unlike offline marketing. 


For those who want to find out in-depth information about Twitter marketing, try checking out comprehensive tutorials about how to make it big through Twitter. 


Surprise and Scheduled Games 

Provide your followers with games and events as often as possible. It can be a scheduled weekly event or something that you come up with as a surprise. The important thing is to keep your followers interested, usually by providing a prize. Take advantage of these games by including an RT or hashtag in the rules. This way, you are invariably reaching the followers of your followers. 


Link, link, link 

Twitter is a great way to start connecting with potential clients, but it’s definitely NOT the only way. Businesses can also utilize the platform to drive traffic to their main websites or blogs. Simply Tweet interesting information like a “teaser” and provide a link to the website. The 140-character teaser Tweet should encourage followers to follow the link. 


Measure your Progress 

Measuring your brand impact through Twitter can be tough, but with the help of several tools, it can be done. Some of the most popular tools that can be used today include: 


·          Web Analytics 





Using link-shortening tools such as can also be very helpful due to the character limit. 


Know Who to Connect With 

One of the biggest mistake new account holders make is following practically anyone that can be followed. Unless you’re selling a highly generic product that everyone will need, this is really a very ineffective marketing approach. Instead, target individuals who have the motivation to purchase what you offer. Selling make up items? Target female Tweeters that are 18 or above since they are the ones most likely to use the product. 


Work with what you Have 

The next question is – how exactly do you start harnessing Followers? You have to start with what you have. If you already have a website, blog or a Facebook page with subscribers – then advertise to them. Ask existing fans to follow you and work from there. Following complementary businesses such as shoes and shirts (if you’re a makeup business) and asking for an RT will get you in touch with more potential clients. 


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