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Tweeting Manners - How to Tweet Properly


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Prior to being part of the large social network that is Twitter; businesses need to understand some basic guidelines for Tweeting. The fact is that there are some basic manners within the community that is followed by everyone despite not being actually written. By ignoring these unofficial rules, there’s a good chance that the Twitter account will be ignored by the people who matter. That being said, following are some Twitter etiquettes every business owner should be aware of. 


Don’t Over Tweet 

One of the biggest mistakes new account holders do is Tweeting too much at the same time. Two or three tweets in a span of an hour are just too much and will only be annoying for followers. Instead, Tweeting mindlessly, tweet only when it is important.  


Time your Favors 

Asking followers to constantly ReTweet (RT), Like or follow anything can be very annoying. Some of them may be kind enough to do so but pretty soon, they will just start to ignore the favors or worse – “unfollow” the account. Instead, provide them with information that they can use first hand and they will voluntarily RT if they think it’s worth it. 


Pay Attention to Others 

Don’t be too centered on the business – pay attention to what followers have to say especially if they are related to the product or service offered. RT popular tweets if necessary, and observe how the community works. Keep in mind that in order for people to pay attention to the business, the business must pay attention to them. 


Talk to your Followers 

This is somewhat an extension to the etiquette tip above. Ask and answer questions to be part of the community. Note that communicating with followers does more than being part of the society. This actually helps build the brand of the business and helps them look more approachable for future clients. 


Don’t Change Too Often 

For businesses, it is important to make sure that your followers will remember you and associate you with a specific kind of business. This is why as much as possible, business Twitter accounts should stick to just ONE profile picture and leave it unchanged. See, most followers remember the images first before the name. If you change those profile pictures too often, then this may annoy them to the point where they will completely ignore you. 


Think Before you Tweet 

It goes without saying that you’re not supposed to say profanities or anything offensive. Weigh all your words properly before deciding to Tweet them, especially since you’re limited to just 140 characters. 


Keep in mind that these unofficial etiquettes can make or break a business when marketing through social media. Bad reputation can definitely be a killer so avoid this at all costs. Instead, learn the proper and effective way of marketing a business through Twitter. 


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