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Top Marketing Tips for Twitter  


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Twitter marketing is not as easy as it seems. Like most platforms, it is important for business owners to know exactly how and when to approach their market to create the biggest impact. Otherwise, they will just find themselves lost in a sea of tweets or worse – be un-followed by their existing followers. This is why business owners should be aware of several marketing strategies, including but are not limited to: 


Follow and Be Followed 

Tweeter works on the reciprocity rule. In order to be followed – individuals must first seek out people to follow. This is why the first order of business when starting a Twitter is locating the target marketing and following them. Typically, the person followed will follow right back. This following routine should be done continuously to build the number of potential customers. 


Don’t Over Tweet 

Some account holders make the mistake of tweeting too often, causing them to flood their followers’ thread. This only irritates the follower, causing them to un-follow the business. Instead, the Tweets should be timed correctly – perhaps several times a day. 


Tweet Structure 

Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which mean that users will need to make the most of it. This is why each post should be short, important and straight to the point. Do not waste the follower’s time by making posting nothing of importance. Provide tips, sales alerts, new products and other information that they may find useful. 



Don’t just inform followers – allow them to inform you. Twitter can be used as a marketing tool and a customer service platform at the same time. Ask client questions and respond to queries. By publicly being helpful, the business is directly building their reputation to their followers. Don’t be afraid to retweet what fans and followers have posted as a way of encouraging them to do more. 


Use Hashtags and Keywords 

Choose specific hashtags to create trending conversations. This ensures that the conversation is circled around the business. Hashtags also makes it easier for tweets to lead back to the original post. The same goes for keywords that should be chosen carefully to optimize popularity. 


Of course, those aren’t the only marketing techniques individuals can use for Twitter. There’s a whole plethora of strategies out there starting from naming the account, how to collect followers and the tools that may be used. For those who want to find out more, try checking out comprehensive eBooks about Twitter marketing. 


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