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Top List Building Strategies to Increase Traffic  


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Most online marketers know the power of a good list, but not many know how to actually build one. Search engine and traditional marketing are great ways to attract new customers, but a list establishes a direct line of communication with your readers. If you build your list correctly you can build relationships, trust, and ultimately have a private audience comprised of your target market.  Below is a list of the top list building strategies expert online marketers use every day. 


Establish a Relationship 


Most people will not part with their hard earned money unless you work on establishing a relationship first.  Typically, you have to focus on pre-selling them before your audience feels comfortable enough to make a purchase.  Focus on building a relationship first and you will profit later.  Once they feel as though you are trustworthy they will be more than willing to purchase and try the products you recommend.


Focus on Customer Retention 


If you want to turn that one time only customer into a loyal lifetime customer, you must keep the communications flowing.  If a customer purchases a product or service you recommend for your website, you should have a set number of follow up emails in place that they will receive in the weeks or days after purchasing.  This makes them feel valued and allow you to send tips, updates, resources, or other promotions and keeps you from being forgotten in the online chaos.


Repeat Customers 


The odds of selling a product to an existed customer are much higher than they are of selling to a new customer.  This is why it is so important to treat your existing customers well and continue to build a relationship with them.  Chasing new customers not only has a lower conversion rate, but is also time consuming. 


Don’t Spam 


While it may be tempting to try to build your list via spam, don’t do it!  Unsolicited e-mails are annoying and can even be against the law.  Be sure you include an easy way for each person to unsubscribe to your list and only send valuable information.


Start List Building Today 


The number one mistake you can make is waiting to build your list.  It doesn’t matter what your business is or how much traffic you are generating, you need to start building your list today.  Even with small amounts of traffic you can generate profits and build relationships. 


Be Consistent 


Don’t just build your list and let it sit there getting stale!  Your subscribers will soon forget about you and you will have wasted all your work.  Set up a list of auto-responders that will be sent out at certain intervals to keep you relevant in your potential customer’s eyes.


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