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Top 7 Myths about Info-Product

 Creation Debunked


Zero Capital Profit With Information Products

 Info-products like ebooks, e-reports, video tutorials, webinars and others are now being sold in a wide range of subjects to all types of people all over the world. And, thanks to advancements in home computing and the readily available Internet, the average person can now sell info-products right from the comfort of home with no capital and no expensive tools or equipment (Except the computer, of course). However, there are still many negative myths surrounding this lucrative business option. Here, are the top seven myths about info-product creation followed by the top reasons why they have no basis in reality. 

1.    Info-Product Creation Takes Too Much Time 

How long will it take you to write a book, film a video or conduct a webinar? If you get started now, you are already on your way to being almost finished. If you can present valuable information in a structured manner and you can do it using various mediums, you have the potential to be very successful.  

2.    You Need Money To Make Info-Products 

Nope, not true. You can use many free, open-source tools readily available online. With WordPress you can make a website, With Audacity you can record a podcast, with a webcam you can record a video, and those are just a few examples. Use your imagination and tools anyone can use for no cost and you can turn a profit with zero capital. What other type of business allows you to do that? 

3.    Nobody Buys Info-Products 

Again, this is hogwash. People all over the world are spending billions of dollars on info-products. E-books, webinars and entire info-product creation programs are often sold online to hungry audiences with a deep-rooted problem they want to solve. 

4.    Info-Products Are Too Cheap To Turn A Profit 

The beauty of info-products is that it is all about perceived value. You can find info-products available for as little as $1 all the way up to a $1000 or more. As long as the customer feels as though they have received value from your product, you will have done your job and earned your money. 

5.    You Have To Be A Writer To Make Info-Products 

Say who? You don't have to be Hemingway to craft an informative article. Just explain the information as though you were teaching someone in person. How would you explain the information to maximize absorption? What examples would you use? Put all of this into a Word Processor, use the spell and grammar checker if you are known to make mistakes and have someone read it over when the info-product creation process is finished. Anyone can make info-products. Anyone!  

6.    It's Too Hard To Market Info-Products 

If you have a profile on Facebook or Twitter or, even better, both, you are already halfway there. Simply send a shout-out via post or Tweet about your info-product and tell everyone you know. There are also various Internet Marketing strategies you can use to target your audience for maximum exposure and profit. If you know your audience and you can pinpoint where to find your audience, and you have done everything to maximize conversion rates, you will make a killing indeed.  

7.    The Info-Product Market Is Saturated  

Wrong again. There are so many markets out there and so many niche-markets that anyone can find a hungry market that also has money. It only takes the proper market research. This is done via keyword research to find out what people are searching for, as well as competitor research to find out what info-products are selling at the moment. Soon you will come up with an info-product creation program that is looked for, in high-demand and that brings plenty of profit. 

To learn all you need to know about info-product creation, including how to go from concept to creation to marketing and success, visit [Insert URL Here]. 

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