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Tips for SMS Mobile Marketing  


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SMS or short message service is a form of mobile marketing.  These marketing campaigns can be a great way to gain new clients or simply retain old ones.  However, you can't just set it and forget it!  Your SMS campaign must be executed correctly and be closely managed in order to be truly successful. While it can be tempting to just send out text messages as soon as your campaign is live, you should take the time to strategize your process first. 

Keep It Short and Simple 

Text messages are meant to be concise. Your SMS marketing messages should be short, simple and to the point.  Think about the purpose of your message, and then clearly outline your point.  Be sure to limit it to only one subject per message.  More than that and you will only confuse your readers and they will be more likely to simply dismiss your message.  Make it as easy as possible for them to simply scan your message on their phones and know exactly what you want them to do. 

Use Your Mobile Marketing to Call Them To Action 

Whether you are introducing a new product, creating a buzz for an event, advertising a service or promoting something else, be sure to use your message to call your readers to action.  Giving customers useful information is good, but without a clear call to action you message will be lost.  Tell them exactly what you want them to do after reading your message.  Do you want them to sign up for a service? Purchase a product? Like your company on Facebook?  Contact your business for more information?  Whatever your purpose, be clear if you want to see results. 

Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse 

Even with a clear, concise message and obvious call to action, your message will be dismissed if it doesn’t appeal to your potential customers on some level.  Be sure to offer them something.  You could offer an exclusive coupon code, provide them with a link to useful information, or give them valuable information about an upcoming product release.  Whatever you can do to grab and hold their attention will keep them interested in your business and more importantly keep them reading. 

Provide an Option to Opt-Out  

No matter your efforts, a customer may decide he no longer wants to receive your mobile marketing messages.  This is ok! Think of it as eliminated uninterested parties from your list and whittling it down to those who are highly targeted and responsive.  Provide a clear opt-out option for these people to unsubscribe. 


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