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Three Things That Can Make or Break Your Kindle Publishing Success  


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Kindle publishing has become one of the most effective avenues for people to make money online, whether you are an aspiring author or are simply looking for a way to turn your expertise into cash. However, simply publishing an eBook and uploading it to Amazon is not a guarantee that you will sell massive numbers of copies. There are certain things, though, that can help improve your chances of success. Get them wrong, though, and they can kill your book, no matter how great it is. 


Get the Description Right to Succeed with Kindle Publishing 


As you can imagine, the description is where you tell your potential customers all about your eBook. In other words, what it’s about and what benefits they can gain from purchasing it. In essence, the description is where you try to convince potential customers to purchase your book and you need to do it in around 750 words, as this is what the Kindle publishing system affords you. 


A poor description that does not accurately reflect the contents of the book can lead to people not purchasing it because they don’t think it’s suitable to their needs. Conversely, you can end up with a lot of angry buyers – who will leave negative reviews – if the description makes promises that the eBook doesn’t deliver on.  


So, you need a great description that will draw readers in and make them want to buy your eBook to find out more. Just think of it as your sales pitch, which means you need to forget about modesty and be as persuasive as possible. However, don’t make claims or promises your eBook doesn’t deliver on, or it will eventually backfire. 


The Appearance of Your eBook is Vital to Kindle Publishing Success 


Let’s be honest, most of us first look at a book based on the cover and the title. When you’re browsing through Amazon, looking for a book to purchase, you are going to scroll through various thumbnails of the books and, if you’re like the rest of us, you will click on books with an appealing title and cover. Only then will you read the description. 


So, this means that you need to make sure your eBook has a great cover and a very attractive title. This is why it’s often a good idea to get your cover created by a professional, because a poor cover will lead to people skipping over your eBook without ever giving it a chance.  


Choose the Right Category 


Another critical component of your Kindle publishing success is to ensure your eBook is listed under the right category. First of all, listing it under the appropriate categories will make it easier for your target audience to find your book. Secondly, if you list it under the wrong category, you can end up with a lot of upset customers who were expecting something completely different when they purchased your book.  


Kindle publishing has made many aspiring authors’ dreams come true and there are hundreds of success stories out there about people who were turned down by traditional publishing houses only to go on and make a fortune through Amazon. You too can join their ranks, but to do so, you have to take action and write that eBook as soon as possible. 


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