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This Two Mistakes Could Single Handedly "Destroy" Your CPA Business

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I thought about torturing and teasing your timid soul before I exposed the two mistakes that could single handedly destroy your CPA business, and...I've decided to take a little detour and just give you the scoop with no strings on what to avoid.

Unfortunately for most beginners, they don't know or ignore these mistakes and as a consequence, never bounce back's like smacking into concrete floor jumping out of a moving airplane.

It's hard to get up.

Write down these mistakes for your own mental notes and take heed in avoiding them when doing your own CPA campaigns. You'll thank me later (and your bank account) for it

The FIRST of the two biggest mistakes you can make in CPA marketing is to leave your campaigns stripped and "butt naked".

What I mean is this: NEVER leave your traffic source wide open for ANY CPA company to get an idea of what you're up to or you're just asking to be screwed because...

leaving your campaigns exposed is like inviting Freddy Krueger over for a dinner and lively conversation.

It doesn't...make...sense.

Here's the reason why:CPA affiliates (the businesses that supplies the offers and pays you for the conversions through the CPA network), both large and small, are notorious for stopping campaigns or "banning" a sub-affiliate (which is you) from promoting your converting offer.

Why? Because they get bigger commissions promoting their own stuff and keeping the profits from themselves "in-house" using the traffic method you used in the first place.

They do this by getting the information from YOUR affiliate manager (AM) because your AM know where you get the traffic from IF you don't make the extra effort to cloak your affiliate links.

The best way to cloak your affiliate link is through basic "re-directs".

AM's are good for many things like sharing top converting offers once you butter them up a bit, but never allow yourself to be "buttered up" and share information one how you generate your traffic because they can and will use that against you.

The SECOND of the two biggest mistakes you can make in CPA marketing is to throw away working campaigns in search of "homeruns".

In the world of online CPA marketing, campaigns come and go. In search of homeruns, you may get what you want -- but victories in business seldom last forever because you're only as profitable as your last campaign.

The key to success in CPA is a long-term game plan consisting of 10-20 different campaigns that ALL get results promoting different offers in different niches.

Quickly jot down those two mistakes down on paper and tape it to your desk so you're left with a reminder before you start your next campaign.

You don't have to get yourself "burnt" to know not to put your hands on fire, so stay away from these mistakes and you'll be one step closer to being aCPA millionaire.

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