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This One-Word Creates CPA Millionaires In Record Time

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What separates the men and women from the boys and girls in CPA marketing?

One Word. Creativity.

In other words, thinking so far outside the box few people (except for the highly profitable and exceptional CPA money-makers) know anything about it.

It's trusting your gut feeling on a level few people can and really tuning into what works and what doesn't without hesitation or skipping a beat.

Developing this caliber of intuition isn't difficult. In fact, it's almost embarrassingly easy.

Simply immerse yourself in "how-to" books, courses, seminars, and systems that show you how to make money in CPA marketing. Take bits and pieces to fit your financial plan and what you want to accomplish, and come up with a proven system that hasn't been touched by the masses you can use to make a small fortune online.

Again, this sounds harder than it actually is, but isn't for a number of reasons:

Reason #1: You have greater control over your income. The more creative you are, the more money you ultimately make. Copycats rarely did well in school because if they're caught cheating on an exam, they would fail "automatically".

When making money online, there's a lot of "copycats", and many of them fail because they were caught with their pants down. Always catching a bad break.

Nothing wrong with learning from those who are successful, but to try to imitate another campaign (especially if given no permission to do so) won't slap them in the face, but will come full circle and hit you where it hurts.

Reason #2: You have greater flexibility, which leads to more options. Think about the last time you went out to talk to the opposite sex. Do you feel as much pressure to keep your mouth (and your hands) to yourself when you're NOT in a committed relationship?

I doubt it. Because you have more options and flexibility and the freedom to go whichever direction you want. When you lean on one system or rely on one person to take you from point A to B, you will have success, but short-lived.

Did you say you wanted a few examples of "creative"CPA marketing? Sure. I'll give you a few hints on some huge moneymakers:

The first is using growing, popular online technology such as "Facebook Applications". I won't go into details about how this works, but there are people making 6-figures or more monthly from this alone. They pay a few thousand bucks to get one made, and have 5 - 10 of them all over the place.

Another good creativeCPA marketing method is building a list of a target market who are drooling over themselves to get your next CPA offer through their email inbox.

Seriously, tapping into your creativity is the only thing separating amateurs from the 6-figure paydays. So, what are you going to do?

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