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They Forgot To Tell You This In Membership Site Grade School (see inside)  


Massive Membership Site Profits


And that isRESPECT. 


No one likes to be led on to believe one thing, and see something the complete opposite that under-delivers on quality and expectations set by the marketer. 


Setting up a membership site for profit is a GOOD thing, but you first you must… 


Treat EACH Person Like The MOST Important Person In The World… 


Not like individual money machines put on this earth only to fulfill all your financial and greedy desires.  


Have you ever been treated like a piece of meat? Beaten up and tenderized like a large slap of steak? 


Well, no one wants to feel like they’re getting “beat up on”, and no one wants to be used -- even for your own selfish reasons. 


By the way, I use the words “selfish” and “greedy” to point out how most people SEE us from their point of view. 


I’m like you. You and I both understand the importance of capitalism and providing value for money but the keyword here is “VALUE” -- not money. Because… 


If you provide the value, the money just comes -- and it doesn’t stop for anything or for anyone. 


Remember, these are REAL people with REAL feelings behind a computer screen. Not a bunch of androids that send money from out of “nowhere”. I promise you, the money comes from “somewhere”, and it’s not from outer space. Again… 


It’s from REAL human beings with desires that must be met, and if you’re going to give people a membership site, keep in mind that they are an intelligent group of people and can smell “B.S” from miles away.  


I‘m a living, breathing example of the famous mantra, “If you give people what THEY want, ALL of your needs, wants, and desires will be met“.  


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