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The Value of LSI in Picking Domain Names  


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If you want to succeed with reselling domain names, one skill you will have to master is keyword research. The better you are at keyword research, the higher the likelihood of you finding domain names people will want to buy. In fact, investing in a good keyword research tool once you make some profit is a very good idea because the returns will more than pay off your investment.


The Connection between Domain Speculation and Keyword Research 


First of all, it’s essential that you understand what the connection between keyword research and domain speculation is. As you have probably realized by now, the key to succeeding in reselling domain names is to pick the right domains. It’s pointless having a portfolio of domains that no one wants to buy.


There are many strategies you can employ to choose good domain names but one of the most effective is via keyword research. SEO is something any business online needs to employ, which is why keyword research is so valuable in picking a domain. One of the first principles of SEO is ensuring that the URL contains a company’s main keyword, which is why you can make a killing if you can find a keyword with a lot of searches but little competition.


However, since you aren’t the only one with the same idea, it can be hard to find available domain names that include these keywords, especially ones that are short and catchy. There is a way around this, though and that’s with LSI or latent semantic indexing.


LSI and Domain Names 


Latent semantic indexing is a system search engines use to determine the relevance of a certain web page as well as the quality of content it offers. Thus, the search engines look for terms that are related to a particular keyword and the more synonyms or related terms they find in the content, the greater the value of that web page.


So, if you’ve found a great keyword that meets the search volume and competition criteria but can’t find any available domain names, consider taking things a step further with LSI. You can use a number of approaches, including analyzing the keywords on the top ten sites that rank for the original term or by using the Google Wonder Wheel. These methods will give you a list of related terms that might just fit the bill and have domain names available as well.


The key to succeeding in reselling domain names is to be creative. Remember that just because you can’t find a top level domain name for a particular keyword, that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. By understanding how LSI can impact SEO, you will not only find valuable domain names others may not have considered, but you will also be able to convince others of their value and thus increase your profitability.


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