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The Secret To Guarantee Your Application Is Accepted Into ANY CPA Network

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Are you like most people tired of being rejected like a teenage boy (or girl) when applying to be accepted into one of the top CPA networks online?

I know I was, until I found a special little secret that got my applications approved within hours of pushing the submit button. If you're interested in discovering how I, and countless others, are doing it, keep reading below:

First, Be Professional.

Nobody likes wasting their precious time on someone who plans on making just a few extra bucks on the side. It's not worth the CPA network time. What they DO want is someone who is dedicated to bringing in more revenue for their business, which in turn, will bring revenue to yours.

Second, consider buying hosting, domain name, and putting together a basic website or set-up a quick Wordpress blog about any topic.

You don't have to use this website, but it's one of the only ways an affiliate manager knows you mean business and that you're already "established" in the online marketing community.

Third, tell them what they want to hear.

Yes, I'm implying that you tell a little "white lie". Nothing obvious that'll get you caught or land in jail. Something as simple as saying "I will be driving high-quality traffic like Google or Facebook PPC".

Even if you don't plan to use those traffic sources (which I recommend anyway), you're not saying you ARE using those traffic methods, just "implying" that you are using some -thing like it.

CPA networks prefer people who drive traffic fast, hard, and who isn’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty spending money on testing and converting their offers.

Fourth, Here's a few questions to know the answers to before picking up the phone or making the phone call to an affiliate manager:

1. What kind of offers you want to promote?

2. How do you plan to drive traffic to the different offers?

3. Do you have any experience with online marketing?

4. What made you interested in CPA offers in the first place?

5. Where do you see your CPA offer business going in the next few years?

An affiliate manager worth his salt will ask a lot of those questions. No, I'm not talking about grilling you to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. Just questions to help them decide rather or not you’re worth spending time and resources on to promote their offers.

Even more important, these are questions you should be asking yourself regardless, so YOU are better prepared in business usingCPA offers. You would literally have to go out of your way to screw this up, and that's really saying something about most who have no clue how to get the networks to let them in their special club of high performers.

In conclusion, you have no excuse to put off getting your CPA network application accepted because with the above plan, it's impossible NOT to be accepted (unless you're a criminal or drug lord).

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