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The "Quick N' Dirty Way" To Earn $1,000 - $10,000 Per Month With Article Marketing

Communication is Content Clout

Without wasting time, let's jump right into how top article marketers make 4 to 5 figures per month on autopilot.

Step #1: Select A Profitable Proven Niche Market –

But not just ANY niche desperate buyer niches. And by desperate buyer, I mean somewhat "embarrassing" like penile enlargement, picking up women, or catching your girlfriend/boyfriend cheating.

Forget about picking something YOU are passionate about (unless what you're passionate about happens to be a profitable niche, which most likely it's not). Here's the secret: Pick niches where people are more likely to buy online than they are to buy in a retail store.

Step #2: Use Catchy Headline Titles To Draw Attention -
You want articles that not only informs, but sparks curiosity to "read more" of what you have to offer. Example? Take a look at the one in "this" article.

Step #3: Whip Up Good Content That Focus On... PAIN - You don't want to come off as a rocket article-marketing scientist, nor would you want to if you believed you could...because it's about getting the sale.  If you gave your reader all the answers to their problems, why bother selling the product that would solve their problems?

Keep in mind you're in business, and in business you want to make a profit. You can help people AND make a profit at the same time to make it worth your while.

Step #4: Make The Resource Box The Star Of The Show - No one cares about how old you are, where you went to school, or your life history. What they REALLY want is for you to provide them a complete solution to solve their problem -- right now. This little section is your call-to-action to help your reader take the next logical (but emotionally charged) step.

Keep the resource box short and simple, yet exciting and motivating. Something like "Want to lose so much weight...that you'll finally fit in that bikini? CLICK HERE!"

Most new to article marketers fall flat on their faces because they’re too polite...with everything. From the article title, to content, to the resource box, they're to "nice". Marketing articles as a traffic source gets more aggressive as more people catch on to it's simple, yet undeniable power to create value from words. Therefore, it makes since to use a little aggressiveness to get your articles in the marketplace and read.

Thinking outside the box should be "Numero Uno" on your list when doing this kind of marketing because it can work no other way. Otherwise, you'll be "same ol', same ol' " and your target audience will pass you over like bread at a dinner table.

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