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The Number One Mistake to Avoid If You Want to Succeed with Kindle Publishing


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While Kindle publishing has allowed many authors to achieve their dreams of not only becoming published but also hitting the bestseller lists, there are many more writers who have failed utterly. Sadly, more often than not, the problem isn’t that their book isn’t any good, but more a matter of not realizing there’s a lot more to Kindle publishing success than writing a great book.


Marketing Is Essential to Kindle Publishing Success 


One area many authors avoid like the plague is marketing. In fact, some don’t even want to hear that they have to promote their book, claiming they would rather go through a traditional publisher since that means they don’t have to handle the business aspect of things. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite true because a traditional publisher will rarely invest as much time and energy as is really needed in ensuring a book is successful, especially if the author is considered a midlist writer.


On the other hand, if the same authors would take the same amount of time they use to pitch traditional publishers and dedicate it to marketing, they could have a massively successful eBook published via the Kindle publishing system. Even more importantly, they could make a lot more money this way since Amazon pays out as much as 70% in royalties, instead of the 5 – 10% authors receive from traditional publishing.


No Promotion Means Weak Sales 


If you don’t promote your book, your eBook simply won’t sell or at least not at the levels it could if you were employing an effective marketing strategy. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on marketing, since there are many free options available, including article marketing, social media platforms and blogging.


The key to succeeding with Kindle publishing is to get people interested in buying your book, especially at first, when you are a new author. So, you could give out free copies, for example, to get reviews, which work as word-of-mouth advertising. Or you could offer highly valuable information – if you are a non-fiction author – in your niche for free, enticing prospects to purchase your eBook so they can learn even more.


The biggest mistake you can make is to overlook the necessity of promoting your eBook, especially since there are so many free marketing strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success with Kindle publishing. It’s simply a matter of putting the time and effort in to learn and apply these strategies. However, it will certainly be worth the effort when you become a bestselling author.


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