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The Dark Side Of CPA Marketing (Avoid these CPA Mistakes)

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It's tempting. And I should know.

I'm talking about "Blackhat". Not the kind you buy from stores and put on your head, but the kind of person you are and what you represent if you do it withCPA offers.

I'm talking about "dirty" tactics, methods and strategies that involve you doing things a little immoral to get what you want more of -- profits -- and doing it totally against the rules and illegally.

This is what I call the dark side ofCPA market.

It's not about what's right or wrong because it's subjective and most of it is common sense, but you have to keep in mind who you're hitting below the belt to score record profits for yourself.

When businesses that provide these offers fail to make money because they're paying out money they shouldn't be because of BlackhatCPA methods, do you think those businesses stay open for long?

Even worst. Do you think Blackhatters get away with it?

They do not. At least, not for long anyway. Because here's the deal...

They WILL be caught. If not now; then tomorrow; and if not tomorrow then certainly within 30 - 60 days. And usually, they catch them off guard because what black hatters don't know is that they're being "watched" while they continue to do illegal activity thinking they're getting away with something.

Until "BAM!". CPA Networks refuse to pay out any monies owed to anyone suspicious of illegal marketing activities numbering in the hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars.

And do you want to hear the funny part?

It's just as much, if not more work, to do blackhat marketing than it does to do "white-hat" (the act of supplying good leads to offers, staying on the up-and-up,
and not trying to illegally game a working system).

Here's just one reason why you want to stay away from the blackhat marketing temptation:

They track everything you do. There are records on what converted and what didn't, IP addresses, servers, even what browser you're using. Let's assume you covered ALL of your bases, you still won't be able to account for when they do random calls to people who fill out the most basic email/zip offers forms.

The dark side of CPA marketing is black hat methods. There is nothing out there currently that does the most damage to the CPA industry than people who think they can get away with online business murder. No matter how frustrated you are now, it's always worth sticking with pure White hat methods and strategies that DO work, and will work longer than any blackhat technique.

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