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The Benefits of Kindle Publishing 


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Whether you have a manuscript sitting on your hard drive gathering the proverbial “dust” or you’ve dreamed of writing a book but have heard horror stories about getting published, then you’ll be glad to know that you can self-publish via Kindle publishing.  


Why Self-Publish? 


Self-publishing used to be stigmatized as many people looked upon self-published authors as the ones who “couldn’t make it” in the world of traditional publishing. In other words, they were seen as the failures that couldn’t sell their manuscript to a traditional publishing house and had opted to self-publish. 


However, the rise of the eBook and self-publishing systems like Kindle has helped to change all that. In fact, many highly successful authors who have previously had numerous bestsellers published traditionally have turned to Kindle publishing. 


First of all, self-publishing allows an author greater freedom and control over the end product. This is especially important if you’re writing fiction because traditional publishing houses aren’t all that open to taking risks and will usually stick to formulas that have proven successful in the past. This can be a killer if you’re story is even slightly different to what usually sells. 


Additionally, you will often find yourself forced to make numerous changes to your book for the publisher to even consider running it. Sometimes, these changes are so substantial that the result is a completely different book to what you had originally envisioned.  


Why Kindle Publishing? 


Kindle publishing makes it easy for any aspiring author to get their book published and in the hands of the public. Not only is it free but you can also make a lot more money than if you went the traditional route.  


When going the Kindle publishing route, you will earn 70% of the purchase price of your book, compared to as little as 5% from a traditional publisher. You also in full control of your work, meaning that you format it, decide on a cover and even set the price. 


While it may seem like quite a bit of work – and it is – it’s well worth it in the end because you can make a lot more money as via Kindle publishing. And let’s not forget that via Kindle publishing you gain access to the millions of customers Amazon has, which means you have a greater chance of success.  


If you’ve considered writing a book but never had the courage to do so because you were convinced you’d never get it published, it’s time to sit down and start working on that book. As soon as you’re ready, you can use Kindle publishing to get your book out to the public and become a published author. 


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