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The Advantages of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery  


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StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is this social bookmarking site’s advertising system, which has recently been improved significantly. It was pretty good before but now it’s amazing, especially if you know how to take advantage of it.


How Does StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Work? 


The idea is that you pay per visitor to your site and people see your site when they hit the Stumble button in their toolbars. Clicking Stumble takes them from one website to the next within their niche. The interesting aspect of the advertising system is that the only indication that people have landed on a paid ad is via a tiny icon on the toolbar. In other words, most people don’t know when they land on a website that has paid for advertising.


People Don’t Know They Are Being Marketed To 


One of the biggest benefits of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is that people aren’t aware they are being marketed to. That means they are more receptive to your message and won’t treat your site with scepticism. Of course, to make sure you keep that advantage, you have to ensure your website is populated with quality content.


When people visit a site via the Stumble button they have the option of voting it up or down right from their browser. So, you want to give people a good reason to vote up your website and to return as often as possible.


StumbleUpon Paid Discovery Is Cost Effective 


StumbleUpon Paid Discovery has to be one of the most cost-effective online advertising systems available. Depending which plan you choose, you will be paying $0.05, $0.10 or $0.25 per visitor. When compared to most PPC systems, that’s already a massive difference.


However, consider that all the people who reach your website are fully engaged and you know that each visitor you are paying for is a targeted prospect and not someone who landed on your site by accident.


Then you need to remember that each visitor can generate more visitors by voting up you site. So, an advertising campaign that may have cost you $200 and generated 800 visitors might in fact cost you much less per visitor. Consider that 500 of those 800 visitors like your site and vote it up. That could get it near the top of the list and could mean hundreds more visitors for you.


Also take into account that many of those visitors will return. So, in the end you could end up with thousands of visitors, especially if your site has great content and goes viral.


As you can see, StumbleUpon Paid Discovery is a unique advertising system that’s cost-effective and can generate some amazing results. However, remember that you will only succeed if you have a great website.


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