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Mobile marketing allows businesses to send sales information and promotional texts to customers' cell phones.  This new technologically savvy way to reach out to your customers is based on sending text messaged to the mobile devices using short message services (SMS).  Businesses use this type of marketing to communicate sales and promotions, launch new products, or simply share time sensitive information with their existing and prospective customers. 

Benefit 1: Send one message to multiple people. 

Mobile marketing gives business managers and owners the opportunity to send one optimized message to its entire customer base, or even target segments.  This is more efficient than making hundreds of phone calls, and is a convenient one-step approach to mass distributing a message to your target audience. 

Benefit 2: Highly targeted list. 

You can ask your customer for permission to add them to your mobile marketing database so that they can receive product and promotion information.  Customers who sign up will receive alerts on their cell phones.  This is basically a ‘potential lead’ for your sales and services since they have already expressed interest in your business. 

Benefit 3: Develop a method on interactive communication. 

Clients and potential customers are already used to receiving text messages from friends and family.  It’s a personal way for them to send a quick message without taking the time to make a call, send a letter, or write an email.  Customers who opt-in to receive your marketing messages do so because they want to further enhance their relationship with your business. 

Benefit 4: Local Marketing 

Text message marketing helps local business owners connect with member of their community.  It provides a platform for contacting local customers and promoting real time events such as lunch sales, special store offers, or even local community news. 

Benefit 5: Cost Effective. 

Mobile marketing is meant to provide customers with a quick reminder of your business and services.  These quick messages save on resources because you will no longer have to compose direct mailers or email campaigns.  By spending less time drafting your messages you can focus on growing your business. 

Benefit 6: Real Time Communications 

Most people take their cell phone everywhere they go.  This means that business advertising a sale can send a simple text message to its ‘Valued Customers’ at any time to announce a sale that will be starting within hours of receipt.  You can also update customers about reservations, sold out items, filled prescriptions, new merchandise and any other time sensitive information.

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