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The 5 Step Affiliate Comparison Product Review Blueprint - Drive 7x MORE Sales


Profit Pulling Reviews


There are only TWO actions you’re product review readers can make:  


1. BUY or… 




There is no “middle road” and, if you fail to give people an action to take they will do nothing and leave. 


Also, you will probably piss off a lot of people because not only did you not have a call to-action, you wasted their time because you don’t HAVE one. 


Your affiliate comparison product reviews should lead your reader to make a firm “yes” or “no” decision in buying, but it starts with YOU giving them the option to do so.  


Let’s get started with… 


Step ONE: Put a pinch of salt on the wound the product is trying to solve and tell them why they need YOUR product to heal that open wound through someone else’s experience, or that of your own (if it’s the truth!) 


This step is most critical of the 5 because it makes your readers feel like you “get it”, and someone worth taking advice from. 


Step TWO: Describe why or why not the product creator is qualified to give a solution to their problem 


In the beginning, talk briefly about the creator of the product your reviewing and rather or not you feel your readers should consider taking advice from by talking about their previous products (if any) and reputation. Why? 


It builds “authority” in the product, your own, and the review itself by knowing the history and context that surrounds the product your reviewing. 


Step THREE: Give a teaser of the solution without giving it away  


Step FOUR: Talk about results they can expect applying the solution 


Paint an emotional picture like Picasso in your readers mind showing them on how if they use your recommended product it will give them the results they’re looking for and -- use your OWN experience IF you share a similar experience that’s true (don’t make up false stories)  


Step FIVE: Give a strong call to action  


It doesn’t matter how clear your position was from the beginning to the “near end” of the article, if you don’t tell the reader what to do “next”…you’d lose them in the end. 


I’ve given you 5 BASIC steps to follow from start to finish in creating your own Conduit review articles and websites.  


But, do you want to put yourself thorough countless hours of tedious research with barely any results to show for it? I didn’t think so. And, although a guide might cost a little more upfront, it’ll save you a load of time and money in the long run. 


For advanced, ninja-like product review methods -- check out [“Profit Pulling Reviews Made Easy”] where I show you how to earn a healthy part-time income using 5 proven product review models. 


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