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 The frequency of Super Affiliates Is rapidly On The Rise


As merchandisers take advantage of the power of affiliate marketing as a outside sales force to promote their products to consumers, more and more regular people are making an extra income by utilizing free and paid marketing methods to advertise products for flat-rate and percentage commissions.


With little experience required, there is a vast market for affiliate marketers to promote products and services online in many niches. From the highly popular health and wellness market, and highly sought after home business opportunities, to self-help and how-to information etc., entrepreneurs are clambering to get their share of the commissions available whether large or small.


The competition is fierce between affiliates, and those with a more responsive list are seeing higher conversion rates in several niches. With such a highly lucrative market of over $5 Billion dollars being spent in advertising to consumers worldwide, product owners are taking advantage of the affiliate networks to attract new affiliates to sell their brands.


Being such a low cost undertaking for affiliates to get started, and making it easy to learn the ropes is making affiliate marketing a very attractive proposition for newcomers to the Internet.


[Full Name], marketing expert from [website URL] said, "While it can be tough for new marketers to earn commissions when they first start out, especially with such stiff competition, there is a small percentage of dedicated affiliates that go the extra mile to make their advertising campaigns more alluring to consumers. In many instances, these affiliates are generating huge, life-changing commissions simply by taking the necessary steps to market smarter with intelligent thinking."


"Now we're seeing a trend that there's an increase in the occurrence of affiliates that are learning proven strategic measures to undertake that is propelling them to super affiliate stardom almost overnight" said [last name]. "Most super affiliates earn upwards of $100k per year, and their marketing strategies are paying off big time. Because of the high quality resources available, they're learning quickly, and making more money faster than ever!"


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