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Streamlining Your Business for Outsourcing Success  


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Most online entrepreneurs try to do everything in their business and never take the time to properly analyze everything they are doing. This means they don’t realize which tasks can be streamlined and turned into processes, which will not only make outsourcing easier, but will also make their lives a lot easier and efficient. So, if you want to succeed with outsourcing, you need to first take a good look at your business. 


Analyzing Your Business 


The first step is to make a list of everything you do in your business. Yes, everything! Even writing two word email responses. By making this list you will be able to better see exactly what goes into ensuring your business operates properly. 


Once you have this list compiled, you first need to look at what tasks can either be eliminated or merged with others to build a process that will make you more efficient. The more efficient the operation of your business is, the more successful you will be with outsourcing and the less you will need to invest. 


So, take a close look at all the tasks on your list and see what can be eliminated and what can be batched together for more efficiency. Then you need to look at which tasks directly produce money for your business. These are essential and where your main focus should be. Everything else is fair game for delegation.  


Thus, all the routine tasks you perform day in and day out, all the tasks you find difficult and the ones you really don’t have the skills to do should go on your outsourcing list. Some examples of tasks that can be outsourced include customer service, content creation, bookkeeping, web design and so on and so forth. 


Outsourcing Successfully Means Letting Go 


Even after you’ve completed your list and identified what tasks can be outsourced, it’s quite likely you won’t feel comfortable outsourcing because you are convinced no one can do the job as well as you can. Besides the fact that this isn’t always true, especially with specialized projects like web design, it will also hold you back. If you really want to expand your business and live the lifestyle of your dreams then you have to accept the fact that outsourcing is the only way to do it. 


Without outsourcing, you will be stuck trying to do everything yourself and you will never get past mediocrity because you will be spending too much time trying to complete routine tasks instead of focusing on building your business. 


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