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Shortcut Your Way to Membership Website Profits In Less Than 7 Days


Massive Membership Site Profits


The key to making money is SPEED.  


In other words, the longer it takes for you to go from concept, to market, to getting the membership website set-up -- the more money you lose because time waits for no one. 


Forget about spending months putting content together like most failing marketers do (and why they fail). Because, the sooner you get your membership going even when it’s NOT perfect -- the faster you can make changes over time while at the same time grow your subscriber base. 


The ONLY thing you need when setting up your membership website is this: 


1) A sales letter (to sell your membership and convert visitors into subscribers) and a download page (for your visitors to get access to their membership subscription if it‘s hosted online).  


2) A payment processor. For membership sites with subscription prices of less than $20 bucks, you don’t need anything more than PayPal’s subscription button (it’s free).  


Double check and make sure the button re-directs to the download page (see above) for instant access. The last thing you want to happen is to make them “wait” for what they paid for -- especially if it’s an online membership. 


3) The download page can have a mailing list subscription form linked to your auto-responder.  


Auto-responder should drip-feed preloaded content. When they “subscribe”, they get into the system and they’re ready to have content delivered to them on a weekly or monthly basis. 


That’s it. Of course, there are “small details” you can either iron out yourself or you can go here -- (Membership Site Profits) -- for a closer look on to apply those 3 shortcuts to your membership program business. 


If you’re looking for a comprehensive “step-by-step” guide on getting your membership off the ground and running like a cheetah, I recommend no other foolproof course than (Membership Site Profits) 


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