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Reselling Domain Names: How Much Is My Domain Worth?  


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When going into the business of reselling domain names, this is the first question most novices ask. However, determining the value of a domain can be quite complicated because there really isn’t a market price you can go off of.


When it comes to domains, their value is usually dictated by what the buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to accept. However, there are certain steps you can take to at least get an idea of the value of your domain.


Research Past Sales 


One of the easiest ways to determine how much your domain is worth is by doing research on forums dedicated to reselling domain names. Here, many entrepreneurs reveal exactly how much they sold various domains for. You can also find similar information on auction house sites. While there is not guarantee you will get the same amount of money, it is information you can use to gain a better understanding of what the market wants and how much it is willing to pay for different domains.


For example, you are likely to find that short one or two-word domain names will sell for much more than a long, complicated domain name. Likewise, domain names that include separators, even if it is only two words, will not fetch as much as a longer domain without separators.


These are things you can discover by doing research and gathering statistical information. Again, it is imperative that you understand there is no guarantee you will be able to make as much money, but it is a great way to gain a good understanding of what the market wants.




Another way you can determine the value of your domain names is through appraisals. In this case, though, you have to be careful because a free appraisal could cost you a large chunk of profit if they undervalue your domain while a professional appraisal could obliterate your profits completely if the domain you have up for sale isn’t a valuable one. This is why you should seek out a professional appraiser only if you are convinced the domain is highly valuable. Additionally, you should only use free appraisals as a guideline rather than immutable truth.


While it’s virtually impossible to get an exact valuation of domain names, it is still essential that you do the research because you will be in a better position to negotiate if you at least have a rough idea of what the domain you own is worth.


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