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Reading Previous Holiday Shopping Trends to Perfect Your Money Making Plans this Holiday Season


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To look and plan for the future we have to learn from the past and there is just no going around that. Not talking about a history lesson, of course, but you will need to read up on trend reports from previous holidays to optimize your business for maximum profit for the upcoming holidays.


Let’s go through some of 2012’s most notable shopping trends for the Christmas holiday frenzy.


Online’s In!

Not a shocker at all, we have all seen this coming for years now, but last year’s social media boom made the traditional brick-and-mortar more irrelevant than ever. Especially, for savvy shoppers and bargain hunters.


Need More Shipping Options

With online shopping blowing up, shoppers expect better customer service option. This especially includes more shipping option. Shoppers are getting used to free ground shipping options, express delivery and on day delivery guarantees. As these become standard online staples any business owner would be reckless not to offer these.


Buy More Save More Psychology

The traditional buy more save more holiday offers were a big hit in 2012. Not just because these offers got more traffic through the digital doors, but they incentivized shoppers to buy more directly and positively effecting the bottom lines.


Gift Cards are an Online Must

Gift cards were another noticeable trend on the rise in 2012. Especially when it came to digital big ticket items people bought gift cards to help towards the goal rather than pay for the entire item themselves. Plus gift cards make for easy shopping.


Real World and Digital Boundaries Blurring

Multichannel shopping is taking over the retail world by storm where a fashionista can walk into Bergdorf’s try a shoe in store, share pics with friends for opinions and order it online for a discounted price through her cell! This multichannel shopping means businesses need to optimize their online presence to fit different formats. Websites need to tablet and cell phone optimized as well as be easily accessible through social media sites.


Isn't it time, you upped your game too?

Be creative with your marketing campaigns. There is no cash influx that is required to start a successful online marketing campaign all you need is a good idea backed with a strong, targeted keyword.


Remember these are just general trends, you will have to dig a little deeper do a bit more research in your particular niche to have a successful holiday season. Best of luck!



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