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Promote Your EBook to Maximize Your Kindle Publishing Profits  


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Many people complain that they’ve written an eBook and used the Kindle publishing system to publish their book but have only made a few sales. They claim that it’s impossible to make money with Kindle publishing when that simply isn’t the truth. The main problem is that many authors aren’t prepared to do what it takes to actually generate sales for their eBooks, namely to do a little marketing and promotion. 


Using the Kindle publishing system certainly will help you by giving you access to Amazon’s huge pool of customers, but with so many eBooks for sale, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd. This means that simply publishing your book and waiting for it to sell without taking a proactive approach and marketing it is the biggest mistake you can make, especially since there are many free promotional strategies you can take advantage of. 


Maximize Your Kindle Publishing Profits with Reviews 


Getting reviews is something that is critical if you want to succeed with Kindle publishing. This is because reviews act like word-of-mouth advertising and carry a lot more weight than any other form of promotion. No matter how great your book is, how cheaply you’ve priced it or how amazing the cover is, people will be reticent to buy it, if it doesn’t have any reviews or if the majority are negative.  


You can use numerous tactics to get reviews, including giving away free copies of your book. However, make sure you explain to people that you are looking for honest reviews. Just as a book with all bad reviews will make people suspicious, so too will one that has only positive reviews.  


Amazon isn’t the only place you want to get reviews of your book. Depending on the niche you are in, you can contact well-known bloggers and offer them a free copy of your book for a review on their site. This can be an extremely effective approach, allowing you to gain many more customers than if you were to limit yourself to Amazon. 


Article Marketing and Kindle Publishing 


No matter what anyone claims, article marketing is and always will be effective but only as long as the articles that are published contain useful and interesting information. By writing great content, you will be able to more easily forge a relationship with your prospects, who will immediately wonder what they can get if they pay, considering the value of the information you are providing for free. 


There are many strategies you can employ to make more money through the Kindle publishing system. However, no matter what strategy you select, you have to promote your eBook on as many platforms as possible to increase the degree of exposure.


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