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Preparing To Write a HubPages Entry the Right Way  

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You're getting ready to write the best HubPages hub anyone's ever seen. Your hub is going to receive tons of ‘up’ votes; comments and you're going to receive a lot more additions to your network, too. In order to create the ultimate hub, you need to plan.  

This cannot be understated. The best HubPages entries inform, educate and/or entertain. They're set apart from their competitors and readers always come away feeling as though they gained something. This is what the ultimate HubPages hubs provide and here's how to create one. 

Plan Accordingly 

If you want your HubPages hubs to make an impact, you must plan accordingly. You should have extensive knowledge about your subject, you should know key buzzwords that people 'in the know' might use and, most of all, you must know your audience thoroughly. What problems are your prospects and customers facing that you can help them with? What questions do you normally get asked by people interested in your company, products and/or services? These are the types of questions you will want to ask yourself and these are the lines of thought to follow if you hope to create engaging HubPages hubs that make a difference. 

Search Social Networks for Answers 

In order to find a subject to write about, search Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even popular forums in your niche to see what everyone's talking about. Once you have a hot topic, get to work absorbing information on that topic. Gather web page copy, Internet articles, press releases and even multimedia like images and photos. Those multimedia pieces can be included in your hubs for extra effect and to allow for more informing, educating and entertaining.  

Writing Your HubPages Entry 

It is ok to write your hub just like you talk. It doesn't have to be a literary masterpiece. It should flow nicely, it should be informative and free of fluff and it should be broken up into short, concise paragraphs to allow for easy reading. 

Make sure you break up the content with various HubPages elements like the aforementioned videos, photos and even ads. Yes, part of writing a HubPages hub is including your ad network code into your hub profile so that you can earn on every piece you write. Won't that be nice? Once you gather your own little following, you have the potential to earn a steady income from work you only did one time.  

As long as you plan accordingly and you set out to help your audience with any problems and questions they might face, you will succeed as a HubPages writer. 


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