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Mobile marketing is the wave of the future.  Consumers and demanding changes and we marketers have to adjust and meet their needs.  Customers are no longer content to accept broadcast or interruption marketing.  They want direct access and interaction with your business, and they want it at their fingertips. 

Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy 

Creating a mobile marketing strategy is just as important as social media marketing.  Consumers are increasingly mobile and socially connected, and if you want to reach your audience you must go where they are.   

Cell phones are now our constant companions. After all, how often do you walk out of your home without your phone? In fact, a growing number of the population is actually abandoning their home and office phones altogether.  This is a great opportunity for the creative marketer!  

Social Media 

Like mobile marketing, social media marketing is now becoming a required tool in your advertising arsenal.  The Internet is quickly becoming a seamless integration of our jobs, purchases, and personal interests.  Every moment of the day millions of people are connecting online, and your business should be connected too. 

You should be taking steps to build your online audience, and this plan should include social networking, social media, and mobile advertising.  There is now a better way to build trust with your prospective customers than to interact with your community through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And where are the majority of these prospects accessing the Internet? From their phones. 

Putting It All Together 

Business and product branding is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for success.  It can make the difference between making your product internationally known and losing it in the infinite abyss of the Internet.  Text messages and social media platforms allow businesses to engage with customers within a targeted and affordable interface where you can quickly launch marketing campaign and see almost instant results.   

If you are a business owner or marketer, it’s time to combine your mobile marketing efforts and your social media platforms to bring your PR and company branding to a whole new level. By integrating these two powerful marketing methods you can attract customers, collect information for your database, interact with them in real time, and showcase your knowledge.  Once people see you as an active member of your community and an expert in your field, they will want to do business with you. 


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