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Pinterest Secrets Every Company Needs to Know


Mastering Pinterest Marketing Articles


More than likely, you’ve been hearing quite a bit about Pinterest in the past few months. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you should create a profile for your own business. Making this move is a good idea, since the site is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and you’ll find plenty of opportunities available to businesses. When you’re ready to make this move for your business, the following are some helpful Pinterest secrets that every company needs to know.


Secret #1 –Learn to Promote a Lifestyle    

One of the best secrets companies need to know when using Pinterest is to learn how to promote a lifestyle. Instead of simply blasting people with product pictures, it’s important to think outside of the box. Work on creating pins that create the actual lifestyle that your brand has to offer. This type of marketing is more engaging and effective, since it allows consumers to see how your brand will fit with their lifestyle. For example, if you happen to own a restaurant, consider posting appliances used in the kitchen to cook the food. You may want to create a board that focuses on specific types of foods. Humanizing your brand and promoting a lifestyle will help you make the most of Pinterest marketing.


Secret #2 – Use the Information People Give You

When you begin using Pinterest for your company, make sure you use the information that people give you. Users on Pinterest use their boards to organize things they love and appreciate. Start looking at the pinners who are following you. They are offering free information on their passions, interests, dreams and more. This gives you a good insight into your potential customers, which can you can use to find out more about how to best market to your target group.


Secret #3 – The Power of a Contest

If you’re trying to make the most of Pinterest marketing, another great secret to remember is that running a contest can be very powerful. Running a contest on Pinterest can really offer great results. You can come up with different contest ideas, such as asking followers to repin some of your pins or to make their own pinboards from your products. People enjoy getting involved in contests and it’s a great way to increase your business exposure on the website.


These are just a few great secrets you can use when you get started with Pinterest marketing. There are so many great techniques, strategies and secrets you can learn about that will make your marketing efforts pay off big time.



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