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Not Knowing Your Facebook Marketing Target Audience Could Hurt Your Business

Marketing with Facebook

If you have tried your hand at Facebook marketing and your results left a lot to be desired, you may have missed one very important step in the marketing process. Many business owners, when they make a business profile page on Facebook, feel that they already know their audience from their offline business dealings. They know what they want and how to solve the common customer's problems.  

But not so fast. Your Facebook audience might be completely new to you. Facebook allows you to reach people all over the world. Even if you have a local business, you can reach people in neighboring towns that you might not have met otherwise. Do you know everything there is to know about everyone your business serves? Probably not. A good trick is to visit the profile pages of some of your Facebook fans to see what they Like. 

Researching Your Facebook Marketing Audience 

When you click on a typical fan's page, you should study that person's timeline. What sort of things are they clicking on and liking. Look at the person's previous posts. What sorts of things does that person find interesting? You can also look at other brands that person enjoys to see what they are doing right. This research is ideal for building the ultimate Facebook marketing experience that truly speaks to your fans and customers.  

Researching Your Competition  

Part of knowing your audience is learning about the things your competitors might be doing. What are they doing right in their efforts to reach out to the same target market? Are they using any tactics that you can see to increase the number of comments they receive? Are they speaking to and reaching out to their audience in various ways? Make a note of all the tactics your competitors use and improve on them. This is how you create the best Facebook experience for your customers. Just do what your competitors do best and do it a little better. If you can come up with a unique angle that your competitors may have missed, that's even better.  

If you don't know who you are marketing to, you aren't going to be very successful. Don't assume you know your Facebook marketing audience. Instead, take the time to research your audience, your fans and your customers on Facebook so that you know exactly what they like. When you give your audience exactly what they want, they'll always come back for more. 

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