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Forget the “Work from Home” scams and “Online Jobs” that pay literally less than pennies on the dollar. You can make REAL money online and it’s actually easy to do. All you really need is a good niche marketing plan, Google Trends and a monetization system and you are ready to go! The best of all, there are no investments, no trying to make your friends sign up under you for pyramid marketing or having to work forty plus hours a week for pennies. 


You don’t have to wait until you have built up a big capital to start doing business online because everything you need to start making money as a niche marketer is free! If you choose to invest money that’s up to you, but you can make money without investing a dime if you are strategic about. You don’t even need your own products or services either; you can become an affiliate and sell someone else’s products for some hefty commission checks! Amazon, ClickBank or Commission Junction affiliate programs all have members making the type of incomes to support a family and there is room for plenty more. 


A niche marketer is someone who focuses in on a small, specific number of the online marketplace. For example, if you wanted to sell shoes, that’s a huge market because everyone needs shoes. Niche markets for shoes might be “Sexy High Heeled Shoes”, “Athletic Shoes” or “Orthopedic Shoes”. You could even drill down further and sell “Children’s Athletic Shoes” or “Orthopedic Woman’s Shoes”.  


How do you find what the perfect niche markets are for you to make money online? 


Excellent Question! Google Trends can help you find the absolutely perfect niche markets for you to make money with. This free resource will tell you what the hot topics are for anything you are interested in selling. It might be items for your favorite hobby, or what you think will make you the highest income. That part is up to you.  


Once you decide what topics you would like to learn more about, just type keywords into the Google Trends. For example, the search for “Recipes” brought up “Healthy Smoothie Recipes” as a top search. This hot topic would be perfect to choose some great healthy smoothie recipe eBooks to market.  


After you find your hot trending topic on Google Trends and determine what the best product would be to market for those terms, all you have to do is set up your sales page or blog post and bring in the traffic. In no time you will be making money with niche markets and Google Trends without having to waste your time or money on any “Work at Home” scams.   


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