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Most marketers have learned some very valuable lessons by simply making mistakes.  And, while these mistakes may help us to eventually succeed, wouldn’t it be faster if you could simply avoid those mistakes made by your peers and go directly to the success part?  That’s why we have created a list of top blunders made by mobile marketers and the steps you can take to avoid them. 

1.    Ignoring Anti-spam Legislation 

Not complying with spam legislation can place your company in big trouble.  If you are accused of sending unsolicited marketing messages you can be in for a very expensive and damaging lawsuit.  Just don’t do it!

2.    Failing to target your customers. 

Cell phones are a very personal item, and one that is very seldom shared with others.  Most companies send messages to the mass market, hoping to get quick and large results.  But the entire market is not interested in your product!  Narrow in on the demographic, location, income level and behavior of your potential customers.  This way you are more likely to be successful. Take the time to learn and understand your audience.

3.    Sending Boring of Irrelevant Messages 

Another common mistake made by mobile marketers is to just bombard consumers with messages.  These messages may be about irrelevant events, products, or services.  This simply annoys your audience and causes them to distrust your business.  Think about how your products or services provide value to your customers.  Tell them about free offers, coupons, new products, and simply send them tips and useful information.  Every message should be used to build trust, respect, and admiration.

4.    Not integrating their marketing efforts. 

While many marketing methods can be effective on their own, they are best suited to be used together.  By encompassing multi-media channels like Internet, email, television, print, radio, and mobile you are more likely to see a considerable increase in traffic and profits.

5.    Not using an interactive mobile marketing method 

The power of two-way communication is limitless.  Try to get your consumers to respond to your messages.  If you can make your messages action oriented, it increasing you’re their receptiveness.  Be creative! Try offering information in real-time.  For example, direct your audience to stores of places that are having specials right now. Allow them to ask questions, or even text certain codes back for more information.


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