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Make Money with Membership Sites -- I Answered TWO of Your Biggest Questions Inside


Massive Membership Site Profits


People are often curious about what does it takes to run a successful membership site and I have answered two of the most asked questions. 


Without wasting a minute of time, let’s dive right in to the first one: 


Question #1: “Is There Enough Information Out There To Build A Membership Website Around? 


It depends.  


Depends on the niche you choose. Depends on the market. And depends on research you do and any personal experience or expertise.  


Generally, you want to be sure that whichever niche you choose have enough information for you to build a membership site around.  


In MOST niche markets, you will never have to worry about running out of content, there -fore the answer to your question is “YES”. Also, this may come as a surprise to you… 


A lot of the information in some of most profitable membership programs can be found -- anywhere. So, why do people pay people like you money for the same information? 


Because most people are lazy, unfocused, and don’t have the time (nor want to spend it if they do have it) looking for it themselves. That’s a good thing. For both you AND them. 


Which leads us to your next question… 


Question #2: How Long Should My Membership Website Program Last?” 


A time-line of 3, to 6, to 12-months is the “max” you should ever have your membership program go for. Think of it like this: 


It’s like running a race where they know exactly how far they need to go before reaching the finish line.  


If you can, try imagining an open-ended race with no end in sight. The starter gun fires off but you don’t know where to run, how far to run, and if it’ll ever end. With no real goal to reach for, how could you possibly get ahead? 


You can’t. Because essentially, you’re running “in circles”. And, eventually YOU would get tired of the “runaround”. 


Giving people a goal (even if it means the end of monthly payments) will actually bring them BACK for more -- maybe not the same membership, but a different product, or service of some kind -- so you’ll never really “lose” a customer who met his or her goal, you’ll get their respect, and you would have SOLVED their problem. 


For a more detailed, step-by-step instructional guide on how to maximize your profits using membership websites -- check out (Membership Site Profits) 


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