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List Building Techniques That Attract Buyers Not Just Viewers 


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Just because you have a large list doesn’t mean that it converts to sales!  In fact, you may have a list of over 200,000 people that never respond to your offer or a list of 100 that convert enough for you to live comfortably.  So what makes the difference between a freebie seeking list and a highly responsive one? 


Some of the list-building differences are:


·         How well you have chosen your niche-Your niche should be focused and easy to target.  Choosing a broad niche can lead to massive amounts of subscribers but no buyers.

·         Targeted Auto-responders- Be sure that your auto-responders are niche specific and focused on what your target audience wants.  This will ensure you get a good response.

·         Build relationships. People will not buy from someone they consider a stranger.  Take the time to build trust and authority within your list members, before selling to them.

·         Good content and copy.  Poorly written copy can kill a sale.  Your copy must be top-notch in order to convert readers into subscribers as well as subscribers into buyers.  Just because they are already subscribers does not mean you can start using the lower quality content.


Buyers Vs Gift Seekers- How to Target Your List Building Efforts 


When you are targeting your subscribers be sure to only focus on those that are able, willing, and anxious to buy your products.  These people should have a problem that they need solved and your product or service should solve that problem.  Win win.  If you are not careful you will only attract subscribers who are interested in receiving your free gifts and have no intention of buying anything.  This will destroy your conversion rate and waste your time.


Make sure that your traffic isn't being generated based on the word “free.”  This gives off the impression that your site focuses on free giveaways and in turn attracts those seeking free stuff.  Of course you will need to offer some type of free incentive for subscribing, just make sure the emphasis is on what your site really offers- solutions to their problems.  Be sure that your lead capture page is convincing and lists all the benefits of subscribing.   Offer valuable newsletters, valuable tips, product offers or other things of value that they won’t want to miss.  Otherwise, readers will give you an email address they don’t actively use or check just to receive your free offer and move on.  This means all your list building was wasted on emails that will never be checked.


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