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List Building - Keys to Success for a Strong, Responsive List 


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One of the most vital necessities for any Internet marketer is building a list.  List building allows you to keep your profits and marketing efforts secure and constant by consistently sending information to your target audience about your company, products, or simply by building trust and providing them with valuable information.


Key to List Building Success - Auto-responders 


Once you have your website or blog in place, you will need to have a set of top notch auto-responders.  You can either write these emails yourself or hire a professional writer to craft them for you.  This series of automated emails will be sent out at various intervals and spread the word about your company, push your products, or even promote affiliate products and services. 


Enticing Subscribers 


This is how it works.  On your website or blog you have ‘bait’ that will lure interested people into your opt in form.  This ‘bait’ must be valuable, such as a free ebook or report on weight loss tips, or the secret to stopping hair loss.  People who are interested in these topics will trade their email address in exchange for this free information.  Once they have subscribed, you will use, their email addresses to offer them products in the future.  Each niche that you are involved in should have a different webpage and offer.  For example, your weight loss list should be completely separate from your hair loss list.  This keeps your list highly targeted and interested in the products you will recommend.




Once you have your product ready, site in place, and auto-responders written, you need to select an email automation service to handle your list building tasks.  These services, such as Aweber, GetResponse, or MailChimp will manage your list and send out your emails at the appropriate time.  This allows much of your list building and management to run on autopilot!  Remember though that you must consistently provide your list with value and not just constantly promote products.


If your subscribers feel like they are constantly being pitched to, they will unsubscribe.  By providing valuable information and tips you stay relevant, build a reputation as an authority, and establish trust within your potential client base. This also helps turn new customers into loyal lifetime customers, and over time your list will be willing to try and buy any product or service you recommend.


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