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List Building Faster Than Ever With Video Marketing  


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If you spend any time at all on the Internet, you may have noticed how popular video marketing is right now.  Every other website has a video telling us about the benefits of their products or services.  This is why so many marketers are taking advantage of this new marketing method and list building technique, and you can too.  As long as your target market is capable of watching video you can implement a video marketing technique to help grow your list faster than ever before.


Ways to Use Your Videos for the Fastest List Building 


There are several ways you can use your videos to benefit your online campaign.  The two most popular ways are to offer it as a free incentive to subscribers or simply use it to attract prospective customers to your website.  But how do you create a video that will get people signing up for your list?  There are two ingredients that make up every viral video campaign:


1.    Use high quality video and audio equipment

2.    Be controversial, entertaining, and creative


As soon as your video is complete, you need to focus on getting as many people to view it as possible.  Of course, the more people that view your video and follow the links, the more people that will eventually sign up for your list. If your video contains controversial or offensive material, be sure to only post it on sites and in locations where it is least likely to offend someone.  The shock will have them talking, discussing, and passing around your video, but you can still avoid really offending your market. 


Some of the most popular and effective site to post your videos include:


·         YouTube

·          Yahoo Video

·         Viddler

·          Squidoo

·         HubPages

·         Niche Specific Forums


Be sure to send it to the members who are already subscribed to your list and encourage them to pass it along to their friends, family and co-workers.  You can even ask your friends to link to your video in their blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.  The more views the better and the more people are talking about it, the more attention and traffic your site will receive.  Be sure that your site is updated and ready to receive subscribers before you ever launch your video so that you won’t be embarrassed later to discover mistakes or errors.  Also, many article directories now allow you to include a link to your video at the end of your articles, take advantage of this when launching your new list building videos as well! 


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