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Kindle Publishing Success: Choose the Right Topic  


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An essential component of Kindle publishing success is ensuring that you choose the right topic to write about. If you’ve been laboring under the misconception you need to write fiction to succeed with Kindle publishing, you’ll be happy to discover that non-fiction titles do just as well. However, not everything sells on Amazon and some titles are more successful than others. So, how exactly can you increase your odds of success? 


Increase Your Chances of Kindle Publishing Success by Focusing 


If you want to succeed with Kindle publishing, especially as a non-fiction author, you will have to focus on specific niche markets. In other words, you need to avoid writing an overly general book and focus down on narrower niches. For example, an ebook titled “Home Improvement Tips” may sell a few copies, but you will find that “Fifty Ways to Create a Feature Wall” will be much more successful. 


By focusing on a niche market, you will also be setting yourself up as an authority in your sector, which can be extremely helpful if you have a business operating in the same field. Likewise, it will be much easier to market your ebook because you don’t have to target such a wide market. 


How to Choose a Good Topic for Kindle Publishing Success 


One very effective way of deciding what to write a book about is to check Amazon’s bestseller list. They have lists for the various categories of books so you can see what sells well in different non-fiction areas. This will give you some valuable ideas on the topics that do well through Kindle publishing.  


However, don’t stick solely to the Kindle bestseller’s list. Also look at the bestsellers in print because there’s a good chance that if a particular topic is doing will in print, it will do just as well through Kindle publishing. 


Once you’ve gotten an idea of what to write about, you should do a little research on forums and social media platforms where your target market hangs out. You might have an idea of what to write about, but you need to give it a fresh spin if you want to stand out from the crowd and one of the easiest ways to do that is to learn more about your audience and what they want.  


You can discover a lot of valuable information by visiting forums, including what other questions your audience has that the current offering of books on the market isn’t answering. You can then write a book dealing with those issues, which will sell itself because you are giving your audience exactly what they want. 


If you want to succeed with Kindle publishing, you don’t have to have amazing literary talent to create a stunning work of fiction, because non-fiction sells just as well. However, the key to success is making sure you choose the right topic and a narrow enough niche to stand out from the competition. 


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